Ares Tour

Trail Running Camp in the Land of Gods

All participants will be personally welcomed at Athens Airport and escorted to their apartments in the ancient city of Lavrio. The two guest apartments are new, and each consist of three double rooms with kitchen and bathroom. Breakfast is included in the price in the form of a well-stocked refrigerator. Any additional special culinary requirements must be made by the participants themselves in one of the nearby supermarkets.

Ancient monuments or modern culture – the port city of Lavrio offers a bit of everything. With its early history of mining on the Attica coast, it is known for its ore mining. In ancient times, the wealthy people helped defend Greece. Through generous donations in the form of 200 modern warships, the oppression by the Persians could be ended. The victory gave birth to democracy in Greece. In ancient times, up to 30,000 people worked in the mines in the Lavriotiki region. The oldest Greek amphitheater known for its oval shape, Thoriko, dates from this period.

Zeus und Apollo, stands for German management, easy access to history and culture and relaxed owner-guided tours. At the first dinner together in a typical Greek tavern, we will inform you about the course of our joint active week. We are happy to answer all of your open questions. As your tour guide, I am always available and for your safety we ensure you will be accompanied throughout with the Zeus and Apollo tour bus.

Before breakfast we meet for a short introductory round and a joint warm-up run.

In the afternoon the first theory lesson awaits you, after a short coffee break we talk about running conditioning by working together in a group. Before dinner we do a yoga class – which is optional – for relaxation.

In the evening we oracle about the experience with ambrosia, wine and divine food. By the way, wine is a gift from the gods, it was given to people as a mercy.


Before breakfast we meet for our morning run session in the area near Lavrio.

Later in the morning we do an agility training, after which we ride our Cube branded mountain bikes along the coastal road.

Before dinner we answer your specific questions about running in general and trail running specifically.


We are starting with a casual cross-country run before breakfast.

We will meet later in the morning for the next theory lesson, today we will talk about sport-specific nutrition. In the evening there is another running session along the Attiki coast with a beautiful sunset at the Poseidon Temple in Sunio.


As usual, we start the day with a casual run. After a healthy, hearty breakfast and a break to relax, we will do some run-specific strength training together.

There is the possibility of optional yoga in the early evening.

We end the evening with a shared barbecue and share our experiences about the day.  

Before breakfast, we start the day with running training together.

After our run session, we take the tour bus to Athens.
You have the opportunity to visit the Acropolis individually, where the Goddess Athena resided as an oversized gold statue. It was the state treasure of Athens. Alternatively, you can visit the very interesting, new, air-conditioned, Acropolis Museum. You can conquer the city alone or with us. We’ll meet again at 3 p.m. Our tour bus takes us a short distance 
until we stop at the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center, which opened in 2016. It is a culture, study and recreation center on the Bay of Faliro, a gift from the Greek shipowner and art collector to the Greek state. The center is also home to the Greek National Library and the Greek National Opera. From there, we jog about 5 – 7 km along the coastal road, past the popular beach clubs with great views of the surrounding islands. Our destination is Lake Vouliagmeni,

one of the last stops on our Gods tour. This small freshwater lake is fed by subterranean currents that seep through the Ymittos mountain range. The lake is just a few meters from the seashore at the foot of a rocky hill. It is constantly being supplemented by both the sea and the underground thermal springs. A well-deserved swim of the gods in this lake with its therapeutic properties and mineral ingredients such as potassium, sodium, lithium, ammonium, calcium, iron, chlorine and iodine, combined with high salt concentrations and the high temperatures, ends our days together. Our tour bus takes us one last time along the sea road back to Lavrio, where we meet for a last dinner and review of the great days together.

A pleasant journey home to all of you. If you liked it, spread the word. If not, kindly tell us.
We look forward to a reunion. Maybe next time you come with your family, friends, with your company or simply because you liked it so much. We are also happy to organize individual tours. We wish you all the very best, good health and always a hand’s breadth of asphalt under your wheels.

Your Zeus & Apollo Team

The following services are included in the price of 1,290 euros:

  • 6 nights in a shared double room with single beds
  • apartments with 3 double rooms and 1 or 2 bathrooms
  • Double rooms for single use are possible on request for an additional charge of 70% of the travel price
  • Breakfast in the form of a full refrigerator
  • Cube Aim Mountainbikes Bicycle of  or limited availability of e-bike (20 euros surcharge per day)
  • Due to hygiene reasons we ask you to bring your own bicycle helmet for the tours
  • Run theory material
  • Run coach
  • Yoga teacher
  • shared BBQ
  • Water, soft drinks, fruits, power snacks during the tours
  • All transfer services
  • Entrance Vouliagmeni Lake